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Karisma International College (managed by Karisma Merdu Sdn. Bhd.) Began its operations in 2003 as a Tourism Training Institute licensed under the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. It has been established by a number of individuals who have a wide range of experience in training and training programs led by Y.M. Ungku Shamsoon N’har Ungku Omar, daughter of the late Professor Dr.Ungku Omar.


Since its inception, the Charimas Institute has provided a number of training and training programs that have been offered in the community care services sectior starting with the Nanny Award program in collaboration with Charlton Brown Australia and other courses. It has been entrusted by the Department of Skills Development (JPK) to establish the Skills Standards for Employment Services (SKPK) for the Community-based Adult Care Services Sector. In addition, the Karisma International College also offers a range of short-term courses in the areas of interpersonal skills (soft skills) in language. There include the Emotional Excellence program, Women’s Martial Arts, In-Show Presentation Skills, Effective Salesmanship, Reflexology and more. Karisma International College also acts as a specialist in negotiating consultations and socio-economic studies of the industry in addition to providing training modules for skills improvement courses such as Home Manager, Reflexology, Improvement Homestay and Foreign Language Skulls Course for Tourist Guide.